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3 Advantages Of Skid Steer Loaders

by Hugh Snyder

You don't have to be a construction manager overseeing a huge site to know how valuable a skid steer loader can be. These small but highly effective machines are visible anywhere you see a construction project, and for good reason. Even if you have just a couple of acres of land and are planning on starting a major project, a skid steer loader can be a Swiss Army Knife of sorts that will make your job that much easier. So take a look below for just a few of the major advantages a skid steer loader offers.


Without a doubt, one of the biggest benefits of having a skid steer loader on hand is the compact nature of the machine. Unlike heavier, more cumbersome equipment, a skid steer loader can maneuver around just about any site with ease. It can also transport goods between sites quicker and easier than a huge front-end loader, which will save you much-needed time if you're on a tight schedule.

Ease of Use

Another thing that makes skid steer loaders so attractive is how easy they are to use. While other, more complicated machinery often features a steep learning curve, a skid steer loader is different. More often than not, the machines are controlled using simple joysticks, so while the driver still needs to operate with a regular degree of caution, they won't need to deal with a hundred different buttons and other controls that often cause headaches.


While people are drawn to skid steer loaders because of the compact size and ease of use, there is perhaps no better argument in favor of these machines than the sheer versatility that they offer. This is in large part due to the number of attachments that you can install on the loader, and in turn, the sheer quantity of jobs that these attachments can help you to complete. If you need to lift pallets on one day, simply install the fork attachment. If the next day requires some concrete mixing, don't worry -- there's an attachment for that too. Grapples, brooms, buckets, and snow plows are all among the lengthy list of attachment types you can use as well. Best of all, there's no complicated installation procedure or specialized tools that you need to use when removing or putting on attachments. This saves you time and money in the long run and makes for a streamlined construction project.