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3 Methods For Removing Trees

by Hugh Snyder

There are several options available to remove a tree from your property. Which option works for you depends on your budget and the placement of the tree. Here are some of the most popular methods and the pros and cons of each. 


The use of a chainsaw is a quick method of removing trees. A chainsaw features a hydraulic pump that helps with the speed of cutting the tree. It is ideal for cutting larger trees. In addition to downing the tree, you can use the saw to cut the tree into smaller pieces for easier disposal. 

If you do opt to use the chainsaw, you have to watch for overheating. The oil in the hydraulic pump heats up quickly. There is also the possible problem of the teeth on the saw breaking. If you inadvertently hit a rock or fence post with the saw, the teeth will wear down quickly or break. 

Tree Shear 

A tree shear is a traditional method of removing trees at the ground level. As a result, the stump is level with the ground and does not require removal. You will need to treat the stump to ensure it does not re-grow. Smaller shears are able to rotate to remove the limbs from trees, if needed. Depending on the type of shears that you purchase, it might come equipped with a spraying feature that you can use to treat the stump and brush in the area. A tree shear is also one of the quieter options.

On the downside, a tree shear can be one of the more expensive methods for cutting down a tree. If you do opt to purchase one with the spraying feature, the chemicals that are available for stump removal are not exactly environmentally friendly. They can also lead to corrosion in the tank if not properly emptied. 

Tree Puller

Tree pulling is a good option if you do not want to leave a stump behind. Tree pulling works best for removing smaller trees. Depending on the soil type and the type of tree, there is a possibility that you can remove larger trees with this method. Pulling is considered to be a safe method of removing the trees. 

However, it should be noted that tree pulling can sometimes leave behind a significant amount of exposed land. You will need to remove the dirt from the bottom of the tree and possibly bring in dirt to fill the area. 

If you are inexperienced with pulling trees, consider consulting with a pro before making a final decision on which method is best for you.