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Three Reasons It's Time To Hire A Tree Service For Your Yard

by Hugh Snyder

Homeowners can perform a wide range of tasks, including some light trimming, to keep the trees in their yard looking good. There often comes a time, however, at which it's necessary to involve a professional tree service to provide a helping hand. A visual beauty of trees can often belie their inherent danger -- working on a tree without the proper tools, safety gear, and experience can easily lead to injuries or damage to your home. Here are three times it's necessary to take a step back and arrange for a tree service to get the job done right.

Tree Branches Near Power Lines

If you're feeling a little nervous about trimming a tree that's growing near a set of power lines, you've got the right attitude. Taking on a job of this nature is extremely dangerous and shouldn't be handled by an amateur. Strategically trimming trees to ensure their cut branches fall well away from power lines is all in a day's work for your local tree service. A team will visit your home, likely with a bucket truck, and use a series of heavy ropes to tie off the branches that will be cut. The ropes allow the tree service employees to keep the branches away from the lines and lower them to the ground in a safe manner.

Trimming Around Your Home

Trees located close to your home can grow to the point at which their branches are interfering with your gutters or scraping noisily against your siding or windows. Dealing with branches of this nature safely often means working a couple stories off the ground, which is a job best left to a professional. Hiring a tree service to trim the trees adjacent to your home is the best approach as the pros will be able to not only bring down any problematic limbs safely, but also make their cuts in a clean manner so the tree doesn't lose its visual appeal when you look through your windows.

Trees Along Property Lines

Nothing will sour an otherwise solid relationship between neighbors like damage to something in the yard. If you've got a tree right at the edge of your property and you're nervous that working on it will infringe on your neighbor's yard, it's time to get a tree service like Sylvester's Tree Service. The employees will know exactly how to cut the tree, clean up the mess, and leave the job so that you and your neighbor are happy with the results.